Web Development

Some people use web design and web development terms interchangeably. This is truer nowadays thanks to new technologies that make developing more accessible to designers, and designing easier for developers.

Still, the pure concept of web development remains the same: the process of writing code in any given language (e.g.: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, etc.) in order to drive back-end or front-end functionalities that make up a working web application, or website.

Anything is Possible

Our approach to web development is quite simple: “anything is possible”. We hardly ever say no to a crazy-but-good idea for an application or functionality,

even if there’s no existing technology to quickly launch it to market (actually we always secretly hope that development projects will challenge current realities). We strive for the satisfaction of creating something unprecedented and unleashing it on the web; watching new and disruptive technologies propel or support business’ and thus people’s success. The ultimate dream of any great web developer is to create a killer app, or a piece of software that becomes so useful it makes the web better. That’s the goal of our web development team with each project we take on, so we view each line of code as an opportunity to make the world just that little better.

Faster Than Ever

The web now has had enough time to mature to the point that there is a giant library of pre-programmed solutions, code snippets and development frameworks that make time to market faster and development cost lower than ever for even the most demanding web site applications.

There are pre-packaged or turnkey solutions for just about every business purpose and industry. The hard task now is knowing which solution to choose for the best performance, ease of customization, proper documentation and long term support. We have amassed thousands of collective development hours implementing every conceivable API, platform, program, coding standard and any other worthy solution under the sun that helps our client’s business goals.

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