An eCommerce jewelry website that besides turning a profit, it has higher and nobler goals: promoting handmade jewelry as an art form, improving the lives of the lesser known artists, and supporting fair trade and the environment. launched in 2009 and quickly grew its curated catalog of unique and one-of-a-kind “art wear” jewelry designed by skilled and award winning artists like Dolores Barrett and her breathtaking Orb Series; or Yle Cara with her life-inspired mini wearable exotic sculptures.

Jewellog’s creator wanted a brand and shopping experience that was understated and elegant. His desire was to make the jewelry pieces the center of attention, with little or no distractions surrounding them. As he put it: “I want to isolate each piece visually as much as possible, and allow the user to have a similar experience as looking at pieces in an art gallery, where artwork is well lit and is displayed with plenty of neutral, empty space surrounding it…”

  • Overlay product image gallery
  • Smart product categories
  • Accurate custom algorithm for related products
  • Add to shopping bag without leaving the product page
  • Unlimited product option types